Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Harry Potter Journey

The compelling swiftness of time accelerate us to accept the challenge of the Harry Potter. When I was called to choose a students to represent the PEDHS
in the HARRY POTTER DAY in liue with the upcoming release of 6TH Harry
Potter film. I had chosen instantaneously IV-2 as a representative in the said event.Without any shadow of doubt, I announced it to them like a thief in the night. The students were very excited upon knowing that we were invited by the GMA 7, specifically the morning talk show Unang Hirit.

The excitement escalated in a defeaning roar of thunder, their voices were stirred by a titillating emotional outburst. The gentle class turned untamed and bodly wild--- their innocent faces and looks were transformed in a splendid delight. Similar in the harmony and calmness of the Pacific Ocean, but when seasoned has changed its calmness was a nightmare to the seafarer.

Before the first ray of the sun touch the ground. Those students have become Owl in the jungle of the night. Motivated and deeply unscathed to wake up and travel in the unfamiliar road and unfriendly sight and scenery of the nighttime. Some of them have arrived late in the consensus departured time. While the dark sky is saying goobye. The four L300 Vans have moved in tremendous speed to catch the serenity of mist in the air. At 5:25, five minutes advanced in the scheduled airing of the program our feet have touched down in the beautiful array of landscape in the Monte De Portifino, Alabang, Muntinlupa.

We were given a black toga to wear and comouflaged like the stars in the Harry Potter Film. Laughter upon laughter...echoed in the horizon of Portifino. Bonding were rekindled in front of the fountain, Owl, Cat, and Frogs. In the closing of the curtain, photo opts were spontaneously flashing, but all of them were magnificently in high spirits of this unforgettable journey.


Jonah Placido said...

...ang ganda ng blog noh?..saglitan lng yan gnwa ni sir,ayos!haha..ang ganda ng mga words na ginamit.

and ang saya tlga khit dun lng,hehe..sana maulit's a wonerful journey. :) said...

you konw sir i'm so very disappointed and blaming myself very much at that time coz i i'm with you all in UNANG HIRIT. And i became insecure because i did not experience the happiness that hope i will treasure to be one of the part of my life.