Friday, June 26, 2009

The Visit

Early in the morning I decided to visit my alma mater. I opt to commute to feel the nostalgia of traveling alone, allowing the rays of the sun to kiss my skin, while the force of the bus disintegrate the molecules to blow a wind in my hair down to my body. A strong pressure had hopelessly disarranged my hair, but I am determined to wrestle headlong to this ubiquitous foe.Though familiar with the scene and eventual results, I let it embrace my entire body and wait for the break in of the driver to roar and stun the rampage of molecular energy.

Blissfully, I step out in the steel of titan. I pointed my eyes in the narrow road of Taft Avenue, Manila. Then, a sudden thunder of recollection shakels my imagination when I saw the facade of PNU. Nine years ago, I was innocent an susceptible against the imploring eyes of junior and senior. In this institution I had tried my very best to discover my full potential.Joining in different organizations to improve my socialization and form a conglomerate of friends to have an intellectual discussion of pressing issues in the country. Those friends of mine have faithfully supported me to run in the student politics. Eventually, I've never been defeated in 3 successive elections.I have learned to stand in the midst of controversies and political demolition. Likewise, to cry and sympathized to my fellow students.

Whooooo....a strong range of serene disturbed my recollection.