Friday, June 26, 2009

When I Sleep

Whew! What a day. Last night i was thrilled by unknown excitement running in my viens, circulating in my spasm and navigating the electrons in my brain. In short i had my sleepless night, after writing an unfinished shory story, and reading some books in my masteral about the central limit theory--- i was stocked and awe in understanding the functions of full loaded mathematical formulas which i only encountered now.

How i wish the ghost of Lyapunov's visits my bed and discuss the nitty gritty in using those foreign concepts in my mental faculty. Oh dear calculator, use your charm and powers in calculating and hypnotizing my professor.Beep...beep, i need a saviour in loading those galaxies of uncomprehensible numbers. I'm drowning, is there someone out there?!

Alas, in perfect timing miracle came, my energy is sapping and my mind is draining. Slowly my eyes were closed, the electrical circuit in my brain flickered. Silence hovering once again.