Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Gloria Magic" in the veneration of the National Artist

Carlo J. Caparas is another form of Hello Garci Scandal in the process of selecting a National Artist. His lifetime emolument as a National Artist is a great insult to the Filipino Artist. His pretension is illogical, he doesn't deserve the emblem of a National Artist. The fact that CJC did not go through the rigorous selection and assesment process of the National Artists voting board has triggred another form of " Gloria Magic."

1. His works are for commercialism.
It doesn't manifest a highest form of an Artistry. Some of his recent works in the television like Panday, Gagambino, Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa aking Tadyang, Joaquin Bordado, Kamandag, Bakekang, Pieta, and etc...
These telenobelas are not educative, it doesn't instill social consciousness, social cohesiveness, and booming effect in the komiks industry. He is being patronized by the tv network due to his commercial value in the film industry and not in the society.

2. They say that he is the only artist with a street (in Pasig City where in his early years he worked as a security guard) named after him.
For god sake, what an idiot argument? Dolphy has a Dolphy Theater that named after him by the abs-cbn for his unselfish contribution to the film industry. In fact he deserves to be elevated as an National Artist for his magnanimous contributions in reviving the sublime urge of the youth in the Philippine movie industry.
During the Edsa Revolution, one of the soldier had died in the battle just to regain the network. Presently, the street is named after the slain soldier, the name of the street is Sergeant Esgerra Avenue. If it is the qualification of naming a NA, then let us proclaim Sergeant Esgerra as a National Artist for his bravery and heroic deeds.

3. He’s the only komiks novelist.
When I was a kid, I have several collections of komiks. I was fascinated in reading the stories in komiks plus the colorful drawings which I admired so much. However, there were a lot of komiks novelist during the golden years of komiks industry in our country. What made him a hit-maker komiks novelist was the story of Panday that brought him to the spotlight in the film industry. But it doesn't necessarily mean than he is worthy of the accolades for being branded as a komiks king.

4. He has published more works, not to mention making them into films than any of his colleagues.
Another propaganda of an idiot, Vilma Santos has more contributions than Caparas. As an artist she serves as a model and icon in the movie industry---aside from her unwavering support to the young actors and actresses. Likewise a catalyst of change in the image of political actors and actresses.

5. He is a Cabalen of the President.
CJC was born on December 14, 1948, Pampanga. This is the real deal, cultural affinity is thicker than all deserving National Artist. This is where"Gloria Magic" reveals.

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