Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wowoweee Issue: Willie Ang Tunay na Asshole??

The gods of TV network knows fully well that a noon time show was created to inspire people and make them happy. The objective of the noon time show is to entertain viewers in different walks of life. They have sponsors who have trusted them to air their commercials on time, in fact the latter is the bread and butter of the company. The show of Willie is one of the most highest paid advertisement program in the network. Showing discomfort to the action of the director and the gods of the network was a bravery on his part. The host wanted to instill professionalism even the nation mourns to the death of the beloved icon Corazon.

Besides, the gods allowed the show to proceed, while the hearse of Corazon made its way to the Manila Cathedral. Flashing it to the television while the show is running had pierced the heart of the host--- aside from dividing the attention of the viewers.

In fact, Willie had experinced painful moments in his life but he had stood firmly in every darkest moment of his show. He kept pushing and pretending that he is normal and let the game begin.

Some of the writers in have contested my position about this issue, and a lot of them had stress out that common sense is enough to understand the action made by Willie in his noon time show. They stated that the host is an asshole, stupid and arrogant. In defense of my position I have tried to wrote something which is vital in the forum, and posted it as my comment to the issue of ANG TUNAY NA ASSHOLE.

Common sense is just superficial to elaborate the action made by Willie. Last summer I attended a seminar about the role of Civil Society. One of the participant raised a question that in order to understand the pressing problems of the society, we should use our common sense. Quite impressive, but illogical.

The discussant pointed out that if common sense is the key in understanding the pressing problems of the society, we don't need to study, we don't need to read books or newspapers, we don't need to write a thesis, we don't need teachers, lawyers, judge, doctors and etc...

Every individual can solve the critical problem according to his/her common sense. Isn't it more comprehensive if a particular predicament will be solve collectively by the group of people. An assailant cannot defend himself unless he/she is presented by his lawyer to scrutinize exhaustively the nitty-gritty of the case. During the trial period, common sense is inadmissible in the court proceedings. Facts, evidences, logical presentation of the case are the key factors of winning the case.

Don't focus on attacking the personality of a particular person, all of us has its own asshole. Focus on the real issue, which is the professionalism. Why do the host acted that way? What is the candid intention of the host? Do the host concordantly adhere to the policy of the abs?

Let us balance the issue according to the facts and policy of the network and not on adulterated speculation. The benifit of the doubt should rest in our mind. We should not accuse the person that he is an asshole due to his repugnant statement in the television. After all, our comments here in FW doesn't reflect the empowerment of a writer. Let us duscuss this issue in a more dynamic, provocative, vibrant and informative with substantial presupposition.

Bring it on!

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jhemvhoy said...

lahat ng tao ay nagkakamali sikat man o hindi..

maski sikat man sya kahit nasa freedom constitution man tayo na itinatatag ni pangulong cory ay dapat nasa lugar pa rin ang atin paghusga sa tao writer ka man o hindi dapat di natin syang tawagin ng masama dahil lahat naman ng tao ay nagkakamali....

raymond brecia said...

-mali ang ginawa ni willie...


-dahil sa hindi nya binigyan ng respeto ang pagkamatay ng ating "ina ng demokrasya"

-alam n ngang yumao bakit pa isiningit sa kanyang programa habang sila ay nagkakasiyahan sa loob ng show ang mga tao imbes na dapat mag nilay sila at ipinagdasal n lamang ang pangulo kaysa sa magsaya!!!!

-isang PAMBABASTOS ang ginawa ni willie.

-tama o hindi?

Anonymous said...

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